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2016 shenzhen cultural event words you know

Date: 2016-01-06

In January

The second China design exhibition and a public art project

The second China design exhibition and a public art project will be opened on January 9, exhibition with "design, responsibility" as the theme, put forward under the background of China's social economy enters the new normal, design and public art should bear social responsibility and the culture.

On February

New art care series of activities

Jointly organized by the shenzhen municipal party committee propaganda department, city style tourism administration of the shenzhen new art care series of activities is an important brand culture activity, and is also one of the key project of shenzhen care activities every year.A theatrical performances, Spring Festival couplet, fine arts, and photography exhibition activities.


The grand prize of "ai" global launch ceremony

International space design award - Idopsea -t ai grand prize, by the Chinese interior design of tsinghua university academy of fine arts, central academy of fine arts, jointly launched a host of tianjin academy of fine arts, aims to create the world's most influential design awards, discover and recognize the best designers and design work.As a design center in shenzhen will take part in the activity.


The world book and copyright day

Called the world reading day world book and copyright day, the initial ideas from international publishers association, formal sure every year on April 23, 1995 as the "world book and copyright day".At the appointed time, shenzhen will hold the corresponding activities.

"2016 south family reading classic study"

"2016 south study released by shenzhen library family" classic readings will be recommended to the readers for today's Chinese family reading and collection of classic.

"Shenzhen school construction series", "shenzhen innovation series, a third group of books published

"Shenzhen school construction series" and "shenzhen innovation series is listed as one of the shenzhen municipal cultural innovation action plan for three years of the first key innovation project.Two sets of books by Haitian publishing, is a landmark in shenzhen cultural events.

The 12th foreign qinggong style section

Shenzhen foreign qinggong style section since its inception in 2005, has held 11 consecutive terms, become foreign qinggong annual cultural feast.By carrying out activities of various genres, in order to realize the foreign young workers shall have the right to, participation, creating culture.