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Song Shuilong won national literature painter The annual meeting of the first prize

Date: 2016-01-06

Shenzhen calligraphy lovers Song Shuilong hard-pen calligraphy "intelligent", won the 2015 national literature painter writing the annual meeting of the first prize.Recently, in the great hall of the people, the organizers of Song Shuilong winners of the awards.

In 2015, the national association of literature by Chinese hard-pen calligraphy artists conference foreign exchange commission, such as Chinese literature painter network jointly organized.The organizers received throughout the country and the United States, Sweden, Singapore and other 5062 valid entries.Committee of experts according to the work style, content, composition, strength, create, assignments, TiKuan, seals, visual aspects such as selection and travel prize at the first, second and third prize.

It is understood that Song Shuilong is a legal workers, his biggest hobby is calligraphy.He began his spare time from more than 20 years ago to practice calligraphy.He was in 2012 the global overseas Chinese painting and calligraphy competition award, 2014 won third prize of China painting and calligraphy competition is exhibited.(reporter qjh-s wan)