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"Shenzhen map of rule of law" to upgrade The first batch of thousands of lawyers provide legal services on the net

Date: 2016-01-06

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the news office of municipal judicial bureau, forged by the bureau of the rule of law "shenzhen map" forward again, updated version of yesterday, the first launched more than 1000 lawyers and citizens by focusing on city judicial bureau WeChat public number "shenzhen justice" (ID: SZSSFJ), into the map of the rule of law, can obtain legal services such as online consulting or lawyer offline reply.

According to understand, "the rule of law in shenzhen map" on December 4, online, this is the city judicial bureau builds on WeChat platform of public law service mobile Internet window, integrated with the city's 1673 legal service agencies and 7813 legal service personnel related information, including 551 law firms, legal defense 31 11, the judicial authentication institutions, judicial examination at point 9, 8 notary organ address navigation, the basic information of the institutions and the practitioners, text and voice contact information retrieval.

In addition, also covers "a community a legal adviser" 749 communities address navigation, in community legal adviser to text and voice information, contact information retrieval, and 91 judicial administrative organs, the other 220 addresses of political science and law authority text speech retrieval navigation and information.

Upgraded "shenzhen map of rule of law", add the function of online consulting, more than 900 community legal consultants and more than 200 legal aid lawyer signed the first online, citizens by focusing on city judicial bureau WeChat public number "shenzhen justice" (ID: SZSSFJ), enter the map of rule of law, legal questions, you can get online consulting or lawyer offline reply, citizens for the services of a lawyer condition can also be online feedback.

According to introducing, the next step, "shenzhen map of rule of law" will also work with various business system connectivity, municipal judicial bureau map of citizens from the rule of law can be realized online application of public legal services, the whole process to deal with.

Consulting on WeChat legal issues, guangdong cheng male partner at law firm YanYuDan lawyers said, consulting, concise proposal citizen issues, don't put the dozen materials and photos via WeChat to lawyers, ensuring effective consultation.(reporter Lin qing, let the correspondent xiao ma)