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2016 the first "super group" 8000 Tours through dahuang port

Date: 2016-01-06

At the beginning of the New Year 2016, dahuang port more busy.Yesterday, reporters learned from the port border post, they just ushered in the first 2016 "super", about more than 8000 members in the transit, very spectacular.

On January 4 in the afternoon, dahuang port passenger entry peak.Around 4:00 PM, crowded, an endless stream of traffic was jammed entry hall.Dahuang entry-exit frontier inspection station on duty police introduction, most of the passengers is the first member of the tour group to visit Hong Kong, the mainland the group a total of more than 8000 people, lead to passenger flow peak lasted until the evening of 21 was slow.During the evening at about 18, entry hall again in another group of special guests, they dressed in a monastery, uniform in the bustling crowd is very conspicuous.

It is understood that the passenger is from Thailand HOLY REDEEMEE SCHOOL SCHOOL more than 100 education workers, the visit deep learning and communication.

Face suddenly more stack entry passenger flow peak stress, positive coping, the border police in open channel, send outside forces, scientific classification guidance and enable the tour group centralized waiting area, wholeheartedly provide counseling, guidance, support and other services, to ensure the security of the passenger clearance and orderly, efficient, fast, ensure the smooth and orderly passenger exit, praised by many of the transit passenger.(reporter GuanYaDong correspondent Dr Huang tsun-sheng)